Center of Certification and Registration of Medical Devices

Consulting - methodical services

Consulting - methodical services

Technical, toxicological and clinical trials, registration of medical products for IVD

Application for consultation

Application for consultation

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Today, representatives of the medical industry strive to supply modern and competitive equipment and products to the Russian market quickly and with minimal costs. The strategic goal of our company is to provide professional assistance to manufacturers in solving practical problems in registering medical products and achieving advantages in the Russian market. 
Possessing expert knowledge of the practice of registration and certification of medical products in Russia, as well as experience of cooperation with the largest foreign and Russian companies, the Certification and Declaration Center Certification Authority has been successfully implementing projects since 2005. 

The consulting company CCRMD, Ltd. provides consulting and methodological services for conducting technical, toxicological and clinical trials, as well as assessing compliance and developing the necessary regulatory documentation necessary for the registration of medical products in RosZdravNadzor. 
The process-oriented activity of our company allows us to organize the registration of medical products in such a way that the process is flexible, aimed at the continuous improvement of the quality of services provided, reducing the cost and, most importantly, meeting customer needs. 

Basic consulting and methodical services: 

1. Сonformity assessment and preliminary examination of the applicant's documents 
2. Вevelopment and / or harmonization of the normative documentation of a medical device 
3. Organization of mandatory testing of medical devices

The consulting and methodological services rendered by our company are allocated to separate projects. Projects are conducted in accordance with the management methodology, which helps the head of the company to make well-founded and proven decisions, perform work quickly, efficiently and at a lower cost, and always have the fullest information about the project being implemented. 

At the heart of the success of our companies are unchanged principles of honest and open business style, high quality of work, professionalism, customer orientation, flexibility to changes in existing conditions and legislation, and most importantly, the value of human relations. 

CCRMD, Ltd.strives to achieve high standards at all stages of the work, which is confirmed by the success and high efficiency of our projects, the dynamics of the company's development and its reputation in the market.